Possible events

Possible events

Postby Tatanka49 » Sat Jan 26, 2008 11:11 pm

We want to kick this organization off with a biggie--you know, maybe 100 people. Let's look to the spring..like May or June. Start looking for a place in your respective area. A park setting would be good. Picnic area, playground, perhaps some recreation equipment, nearby caches, parking and relatively easily accessible by public transportation ie: Subway, bus, LIRR, Metro North, Ferry. I suggested Liberty State Park in NJ...I got some boo's (I read eyes well :geek: ) So tell me where.

CITO's came up...MarkSun suggested Westchester, I suggested Forest Park. We don't have to do it on Earth Day.

Technology workshops....big demand. Who can teach and where? Photography, equipment, software, etc

Regular meetings....sort of agreed that perhaps bimonthly or quarterly. Covering a topic of some kind..perhaps with a speaker, maybe slides, or whatever.

Education....this was a big interest as well. Mark is working on Westchester Nature Center, LIRider is having an event at Caulmsett that we could 'endorse' and get the word out about us. Maybe some brochures as this will be open to the public. I am sure that Carol and Nassau BOCES could use some help. When I ran my Oh Ohrbach! at Alpine Scout Camp last fall, I had a number of cachers out to give a hand. If you are not used to standing in front of a group and speaking, there's plenty to do in the background. Paladin and I will be doing some more scout training in March in Bronxville and Washingtonville. I don't know if we can include non-scouters, but it's a thought.

The Unusual...Thanks to Dave and Avroair, we are inspired to do some odd things. They have many themed events. They also suggest 'Flash Mobs' as a way of getting people out and around the 'rules' of GC events. Paulo has some ideas on an Amazaing race theme that I hope he will share in this topic. NNJC holds camping events. I may be able to get someplace on that. But I want to hear from everyone.

Forum discussions -- the glue that keeps us together. GC.Com talks generalities and nonsense....we should talk local.

Dinners -- lets have regular...again maybe quarterly. I don't have to be the lead guy....lets have some in places other than Queens. Find a place, with parking and easy public access. Meeting/Party room is preferable...DO make a reservation..you never know how many people will show.
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