Organizational Meeting--Final details

Organizational Meeting--Final details

Postby Tatanka49 » Sat Jan 26, 2008 9:47 am

This has gotten to be huge! We are looking at 30-40 people. :o I have to now limit the people attending and alas, no kids, :( since there are no more seats. In the future, we will have to look for a restaurant, facility with a party room or a place where we can do a pot-luck. The once place that I had was a Chinese buffet but turned me down because of the required minimum charge. Perhaps steering committee meetings can be held in a place like that without a :P listing.

The agenda is below. Tom Flushing suggested that we discuss regular meetings and a meeting place. I will include that under "Activities". I will also limit time on topics. Many will be long winded but we can discuss further at Forums and take votes via google or a survey.

Bring a copy of the agenda with you and make some notes in advance. Agenda is also found on Cache page.

Organizational Meeting
Saturday, January 26, 2008

Facilitator: Tatanka49 (John)

1. Introductions – GC Name, Real name, County and Approx # of Finds

2. Why are we here? Why are we doing this? What can we do as a group that cannot be done by an individual? In other words, what is our Mission?

3. What types of activities/services should we be considering? How many? How often? Where? By who?

4. How are we to be structured? Formal officers? A chair and steering committee? A facilitator? No Leader? Committees?

5. What’s in a name? Do we like it? What are your suggestions?

6. How do we publicize who we are? Do we? Should we? Why?

7. Next steps???

8. Other business

9. Pay the bill … they want us out by 6 pm.
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