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North Brother Island - NYC

Postby earlturner88 » Tue Nov 25, 2014 1:04 pm

This GeoCache was not accepted by the New York Geocaching Reviewer as geocaching is not allowed on North Brother Island.

Regardless, the cache has been placed and I feel it's a shame for the most adventurous cachers and urban explorer not to learn about perhaps the hardest Geocache in New York City.

Needless to say this adventure will bring you to an incredible place trapped in time that only a few of us will have the pleasure to have explored.

Discussing the legality of this intent is usless, that is not the point of this shared information.
Please refrain from commenting on this futile topic as, however, they who would like to take this journey will do so regardless of the regulations.
This is America after all.

Let's start:


N 40° 48.011 W 073° 53.855
UTM: 18T E 592995 N 4517160

Google Map: ... b0+53.855+

**Geocache Description: **

Darkness, heavy as a cape, charge the night with somber taste.

The melancholic black silhouette of the Island stands in front of you just thousand feet from this rocky shore, lulled only by the green flashing light of old buoy.

And it's at night that the infamous Mary Mallon still haunts the island,
an island once doomed to tragedy, where now only the gentle East River wind blows through the thick vines and ivy, engulfing the decaying buildings.

Nothing is left to it, not even the Black Herons, once kings of the decay, now disappeared, gone, on a cold autumn dusk, as Mary did before them, they too left behind the inhospitable place that never once was considered Home.

Dying on that cold November night, Her soul , as her body before trapped by William Park, is bound to torment that tranquility.

Villain or Victim?.
It's up to you to solve the mystery, find the remains of her last words, an free her lament from this forgotten world.

**Additional Hints :**
At the right time her ghost will reveal to you, not before, not after, too afraid for the light , only the brave will cross the journey, helped by the moon and her force. Follow the main old road, right off the side! Look! You'll find a light that once shed over darkness. Now shed no more, but Her last words are still trapped inside of it.

Good Luck
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