Westside caching advice...

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Westside caching advice...

Postby Tatanka49 » Sat Oct 29, 2011 2:35 pm

I'm planning on taking my geocaching scout troop on a day hike on November 19 and I was thinking about the caches along the west side from say 125th street south to perhaps 60th street or so. I see there are lots of caches but I have a question about walking--are there trails or so we have to walk along Riverside Drive? What streets have the best access? How about places to eat along the way--any place with picnic tables? How about bathrooms?
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Re: Westside caching advice...

Postby addisonbr » Sat Oct 29, 2011 4:02 pm

You guys should be fine and definitely won't have to walk along Riverside Drive. Plenty of park and trail options. I know that a bike / running path runs along the Hudson the entirety of the way between 60th-125th - it used to be my morning jogging path (before they pulled a body out of the river at about 100th a few weeks ago - I run in the other direction now). Aside from that path there also is Riverside Park itself.

That said, you'll probably prefer to be in Riverside Park itself for most of your walk/hike. Access between the bike/running path and Riverside isn't continuous, because Hwy 9A is between the two for most of the time. The access points between the two aren't as regular as you'd think - I know there's one at 72nd, 79th and 96th but beyond that I'm not sure - so once you're on that greenway path, you could be there for a while. So I'd plan to spend most of my time in Riverside Park instead, knowing that you have more options.

As far as places to eat, my suggestions would be either the Boat Basin Cafe at 79th or the Pier i Cafe at about 70th. Pier i is more casual and has a lot of outdoor seating - probably a better fit for the troop. We bring the kids there.

Other than those places I'm not 100% sure about bathrooms, except that as a Manhattan public park I know that they are sprinkled throughout. There are definitely some near the playgrounds you'll come across.
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