Saturday, February 2

Coordinate transportation here

Saturday, February 2

Postby Tatanka49 » Sun Jan 27, 2008 5:41 pm

I'll start this off. I would like to go back to Staten Island. One seat is reserved for Paulo or a newbie (and I have many on that list) The other two are up for grabs. Figure arrival is Staten Island around 10 and caching to about 4 (when traffic starts getting heavy). I live in Queens but can do a subway pick-up. Contact me off line at
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Re: Saturday, February 2

Postby tomflushing » Sun Feb 03, 2008 4:47 pm

Well, how did everything go on Saturday? I was going to sign up but I couldn't make a firm commitment however I able to make it out to the mutontown perserve for a couple of hours. I went by myself but I met up with "Murphy " along the way-lost my paperwork, took the used batteries instead of fresh ones, didn't quite finish reading my manual on my new unit so I spent more time pushing buttons than caching and I topped off the day falling into a hole up to my knees.Maybe next outing will be better.
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Re: Saturday, February 2

Postby Luckyboy » Sun Feb 03, 2008 10:34 pm

Feel bad for you Tom. Too much on your mind at once? Happens to me all the time. Today, almost got seriously injured in Bethpage Park at one of the caches on a steep hill. Lost footing and slipped on very steep incline. Im heading for Muttentown sometime this week to do some walking. Will bring the GPS and knock off some locations. Will be my first time in there.
This weather is almost perfect for some light boating. Start thinking about you and I hiding some caches adjacent to the waters edge for boaters and kayakers this summer. Might be fun to do.

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Re: Saturday, February 2

Postby Tatanka49 » Mon Feb 04, 2008 11:24 pm

It didn't. I had to go into work on Saturday afternoon (yes, even school administrators work on weekends) Didn't get out until 6 pm. But I wasn't going to pass up a beautiful weekend. Went out after church on Sunday. My church is in downtown Brooklyn so I left the car where it was by the Bklyn post office and hopped the #4 train to Manhattan. I hit MiB in Battery Park and was on the next train uptown heading for EVF territory. I did the garden tour through the East Village (was my plans for many moons). Got 8 there. Then back to Brooklyn to get the car and hit the Loneliest Park in Queens cache in Woodside on the way home. Ten caches in just under 3 hours and walked 4.5 miles to boot in beautiful 50 degrees. Planning another Manhattan sortie in the near future to hit the lower west side.

Making plans for my spring vacation. Heading out to New Mexico in April. Not many caches near Carsbad Caverns, but plenty in neighborhoods nearby. Oh that's right, you vacation to do things OTHER than caching...I forgot. But I will get some and add two more states to by list. I will also have a layover in Chicago both coming and going. Haven't cached there since 2006. Lots of new urban caches. I have a 10 pm train back to NY with a 6 hour layover. What would make that perfect is a GC event in Chicago on the evening of April 26.

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Re: Saturday, February 2

Postby hallycat » Tue Feb 05, 2008 9:31 pm

I am bad about making plans and subsequently ended up doing PineRidge alone on Saturday, got there around 2 and left at 5.
Found all I was looking for but the last one and didn't attempt the puzzle cache. Like I said, last minute didn't leave time to plan :D

But I hope that we can hook folks together with this thread another time.
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